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SmartWill™ @ R500 once off*

Quick. Affordable. Convenient

  • It’s affordable — a once off cost.
  • Lifetime updates and access.
  • Convenience — update your will anywhere, any time. Print it off and sign it.
  • Personalised — we use your current circumstances to customise your will.
  • Expert advice and guidance through the process.
  • Peace of mind:
    • Estate Plan will act as your executors: your estate is wound up quickly and without hassle.
    • We intelligently suggest gaps in your estate/portfolio.
    • Annual reminders to ensure your peace of mind

*Refer someone and you and they get R100 off.

SmartWill uses technology to make it easier and faster than ever before to create a personalised will anywhere, anytime in the palm of your hand.

Using a Snapshot of your Estate we create a sophisticated will that is tailored to your current circumstances.

We also utilise the information from your Snapshot to suggest gaps in your estate/ portfolio ensuring customers know of any potential risks they were not aware of.

The ability to keep your details updated in real time ensures that your Estate is wound up months faster than it would normally be, releasing funds and assets to your loved ones quickly.

Worried you will forget to update your details? Don’t worry we will send you annual reminders if you forget.

Our support platform gives you the ability to reach out for help and advice through a live chat environment allowing for direct communication with our support team.

For many smaller Estate it is difficult to find professional Executors. We ensure you have access to professional Executor services through our network of Legal Fiduciary Partners.

Lastly, the once off fee for your SmartWill is only R500.00 and if you refer people to our service we will discount the fee to just R400.00! For this you get unlimited updates and access to the SmartWill service for life!

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Testamentary Trust

Should both parents die simultaneously, Smartwill provides for the creation of a Testamentary Trust that will protect and invest your assets of children younger than 18 years of age.

You are able to choose the age that they can inherit while the guardian you choose will have access to funds to provide for them while at the same time receiving training and support as the appointed guardian.

SmartWill’s trust partner is Fairheads who is the market leader in trust administration.

Benefits include:

  • The Protection of Beneficiaries Assets
    • Guardians can be paid a regular Income (monthly, yearly or quarterly)
    • Additional capital requests eg Schools and medical care are scrutinized by the trustees and paid directly to the provider.
  • Expert Investment and pricing
    • Years of experience with pooled investments reducing fees.
  • Cost of an umbrella trust is lower than standalone trusts.
    • Investment strategy
      • 3 Portfolios Money Market, Income Fund & Balanced Fund
      • Larger Trusts have a customized asset allocation service.

    Other Benefits

    • Guardian counseling and roadshows
    • Proof of life of beneficiaries’ and guardians
    • Walk in centers as well as a call centre
    • Field agents


    Who we work with.

    We pride ourselves on being forward thinkers, with a focus on customer excellence.

    Our trusted partners include:

    the courier guy


    What some of our customers think.

    "The process of updating my will was so overwhelming that I had snoozed the reminder on my to-do list since my my second child was born... and he is almost three. Then I found SmartWill.
    The website is so intuitive and extremely simple. I found myself wondering whether it was too simplistic! The website guides you through an easy, step-by-step process that you can complete in your own time, in the comfort of your home. It takes an overwhelming task, and breaks it down into easy-to-answer questions. The cost is nominal, the quality is extraordinary. You don’t need to make an appointment with a lawyer, yet your will is reviewed by a lawyer. The whole process was so streamlined, I really can’t fault it. I strongly recommend that you just take the first step. The rest is easy." - Tanya Hanekom
    "A will is always the lowest item on most people's daily priority list, but SmartWill helps make it as easy and seamless as possible. With the ability to dip in and out of the website when you have time to complete the details. With constant but not overbearing email reminders, and good advice from real people when you need it, the overall adds up to an excellent service for the price. Thanks SmartWill I can sleep a little easier now!" - Charles Edwards

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    * Feel free to explore the process. Please note, however, that the finalisation of your will requires a payment of R500.
    Get R100 off if you refer someone :-)
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