Who needs a will?
...well everyone

but especially if you are:

  • Elderly or you know you are ill
  • Married, Divorced
  • have Children.
  • own Property or significant Assets
  • have a Trust or Off-shore Assets.
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Why have a will?
To make your wishes known.

and if you want to:

  • Take better care of your children.
  • remove the delays in winding up your state.
  • Save your estate thousands of rands.
  • Get peace of mind.
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Why SmartWill?
Online, Personalised, Affordable

  • It's quick to complete your will... and quicker to update it.
  • Get expert advice & guidance through the process
  • Plus we intelligently suggest gaps in your estate/portfolio
  • Lifetime updates and access
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How is it… ‘Smart’?

Sensible, Fast, Intelligent

  • We ask you an initial, short sensible questionnaire to save you time.
  • We calculate the cost of winding up your estate using our SmartCalculators.
  • We intelligently identify gaps in your estate planning and suggest fixes.
  • It’s accessible 24/7 making it easy to create and update a will.
  • We gather all necessary information now allowing us to execute the Estate faster later.
  • A professional executor to stream-line the finalization of your estate.
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Why we do what we do.

Everyone wants to leave a legacy for those they love when they die.

In South Africa today approx 70% of people who die do not have a will.

This puts pressure on families and government. It brings inefficiencies and financial waste.

We want to change this.

If we can inspire just 100 000 citizens to make a will, we will have made a massive contribution to the wealth of South Africa.


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* Feel free to explore the process. Please note, however, that the finalisation of your will requires a payment of R500.
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